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Methods to Prevent the Need for Storm Damage Repairs

Powerful gusts can be an annoyance for the structure of your house. When the winds get vigorous, they can do lots of damage such as stripping the roof of your house. When residencies are constructed, the roofs are well designed and they’re made to fight normal wind conditions in your area. But when the gusts of wind are very strong, your roof can only withstand so much to stay in good condition. For individuals who reside in wind prone regions such as the East Coast where hurricanes hit or Tornado Alley, this is a real-life threat. As a trustworthy storm damage restoration company, Paul Davis has the expertise in roof maintenance during the storm season, and we understand how roofs are afflicted during extreme wind conditions.

Why Are Roofs Blown Off During Extreme Winds?

The reason why roofs are torn off during extreme-wind conditions has everything to do with atmospheric pressure. With wind, as it maneuvers through your location, it will come in contact with your building. Once the wind hits your home, and in this situation your roof, the air flow will alter. What transpires is when wind gusts blow against the roof, they cause the air churn and it creates vortices. These vortices make a push-pull force on the roof and tugs at it.

Air pressure is the primary issue responsible for roofs tearing off. When wind enters your house from a broken window or an open doorway it pressurizes the air within and pushes it upwards. Combine that pressurized air in the home with the force of wind pulling on the outside and the roof has a good chance of being removed.

That is why it’s vital to never open your windows or doors at the time of a heavy storm. At one point it was popular to think that letting the wind flow directly through your house was a good idea, but this belief has been disproved. Boarding up your windows and doors helps maintain normal atmospheric pressure, combat flying debris from smashing windows and counteracts high-pressure winds. Additionally, the actions from wind pressure on your roof rest on your roof’s dimensions.

How to Ward Off Wind Damage to Your Roof

The best way to prevent storm damage restorations to your roof is to get it examined when you know a storm is coming. Roofs that include any sort of flaw are vulnerable to extreme winds and the possibilities of storm damage are greatly increased, inasmuch a roof that is maintained properly has a better opportunity at combating extreme wind conditions. Doing this can reduce any necessary storm damage restorations.

Sadly, not all storm damage can be prevented, and that is why Paul Davis also offers storm damage restoration and repairs. You can trust us for help when it comes to repairing roof damage. We know the importance of prompt services and we work hard to make sure your property is in the finest condition possible.