Johnson, AR Removing Damage from Floods

In AR, heavy thunderstorms can cause flooding. That said, flood damage can also start with problems like busted pipes and broken appliances. Flash flood damage goes beyond common water damage, occupying entire floors or homes such as your basement. Fortunately, Paul Davis specialists are well versed in removing this devastating damage affordably. To ensure your safety and security, we offer 24/7 flood damage treatment to our customers across Johnson, AR. Because we care, we also assist you with the insurance filing process.

The Clean Up Process

Paul Davis Emergency Services of Fayetteville AR provides the most affordable rate for home flood damage repair, whether the damage came from a hurricane or busted pipes. Home flooding should be affordable, call the most dependable flood damage repair service in Johnson, AR. As soon as our team arrives, we perform a damage assessment of your property. You’ll get a quote on the work that must be completed prior to beginning any treatment work. We will present the closest quote because our staff near Johnson, AR have qualifications in flood damage repair.

Stagnant Water Removal

We quickly begin draining standing flood water from your property as soon as you agree to our cost quote. To eliminate all the water we can, the Paul Davis specialists use water pumps. The chances of hazardous mold damage decreases once this clean up process is done. We find water using specialized moisture detectors behind your walls.

Airing Out Your Home

Even after we drain the standing flood water, our work isn’t over. We might have to take out carpets to prevent additional damage under the floor. The Paul Davis Emergency Services of Fayetteville AR contractors speed up the drying steps by using powerful fans and dehumidifiers. We focus on details during the entire process to avoid worse damage from mold or leftover water.

Sanitizing and Cleaning the Affected Area

When flooding strikes your home or business, a stale odor can hang around inside. If left untreated, you might be stuck with this smell on draperies and fabrics and throughout your home.

Infrastructure Fixes

Floods can harm your home with condensation on the windows, stripped paint, rusty metal and stuck cabinets or drawers. This might leave you overwhelmed with the amount of restoration needed to be done. If you contact Paul Davis Emergency Services of Fayetteville AR, you can rest assured our experienced specialists can work on the flood damage no matter what was harmed.

Call Us Immediately

Flood damage of any kind can be frustrating, but relief is available from the contractors at Paul Davis Emergency Services of Fayetteville AR. With so many years of experience, we are the leader in a number of restoration methods. We understand that dealing with flood damage can be stressful, so we also assist in filing insurance claims. Talk to us now to reserve an estimate.