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Water Damage Emergency Cleanup in Fayetteville, AR

Encountering a wet stain on the wall or leak below the dishwasher can become a pricey headache. Unfortunately, leaky roofs, broken plumbing or malfunctioning appliances are some of the most frequently seen sources of water damage.

No matter where it comes from, we recommend hiring a professional to treat it. If neglected, water damage can deteriorate the structures in your home or business. Neglected water damage can result in mold growth, especially in the humid climate in Fayetteville, AR and across the Southeast. Paul Davis Emergency Services also treats mold damage as well, learn more here.

Paul Davis of Fayetteville has provided quotes and assistance for water damage since we started. The experts with Paul Davis Emergency Services are equipped to remove water damage at its source and for its long-term effects.

Serving Fayetteville, AR

When water damage hits properties in Fayetteville, Paul Davis contractors implement specialized equipment and scientific techniques to extract moisture and air out the affected region. Though a spot seems clean on the surface, water can still be below the floor that is difficult to find without the correct mechanisms. You can avoid pricey repairs in the future by selecting an experienced emergency company to take care of these situations.

Call us or select the “24-hour Emergency Services” option to receive immediate help. Once you call, we can come to your property within four hours. We reply within half an hour to web inquiries.

Why Call Paul?

Paul Davis emergency responders take the proper channels to get you the most accurate quote for your water damage. Paul Davis specialists also cooperate with the insurance claims process, shouldering the work for you. Our professionals match you with the best technicians to repair the water damage, so you can move on.